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Liquitex Gesso – Great Product from Reliable Brand

Liquitex Gesso is one of the best Gesso available on the market and also my personal favorite. Definitely, I give 5 stars to this brand, because Liquitex makes a most dependable product for very reasonable prices (check my review of Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics here). There are few different types of Liquitex Gesso available: White, Read More


The Best Brushes for Acrylic Painting

How to chooses the best brushes for acrylic painting? It could be quite a challenge because many aspects of the choice are very personal. But first of all, you need to understand the basic anatomy of the paintbrush, the difference in shapes and materials. You can find it all described in detail in my article Paintbrush Read More

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Disposable Palette Paper for Acrylic Painting

Disposable Palette Paper is a type of Artist’s Palette. Palette Paper is a sheet of smooth, heavy white (or gray) paper, that comes in a variety of sizes. It’s meant for quick and easy clean-up, as you use one sheet at the time and throw it away when you are finished. Probably, this option is not Read More

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Plastic Palette for Acrylic Painting

Plastic Palette can claim to be one of the best artist’s palettes for Acrylic Painting. The reason is that the plastic these palettes are made from is extra-durable, thick, high-impact and what most important – easy to clean! Some of these palettes are designed especially for acrylic and help to improve fast-drying characteristics of this paint. Read More