Acrylic Paint and Mediums – Step-by-Step Guide

Quick overview of step-by-step work with Acrylic Paint and Mediums from Smart Art Materials

When it comes to Acrylic Paint and Mediums, there are many interesting supplies we are talking about. Even though Acrylic Paint is the key element that underlies acrylic painting, creative process requires the use of additional mediums and accessories. Namely:

Step-by-Step work with Acrylic Paint and Mediums

Quick overview of step-by-step work with Acrylic Paint and Mediums from Smart Art Materials1. Our first step would be to prepare our painting support for the paint application. It's called Priming.  We prime our support with Gesso to make it stiffer and smoother.

2. Then it comes to Acrylic Paints. Of course, this is our main stage. The choice of paint will mostly depend on the techniques you are planning to implement. To find out everything about acrylic paint features, body, grade and so much more, hit the button above ⇑.

3. At the same time, we can mix Acrylic Mediums with our paint to extend drying time, achieve some special effects, like textures, pours, glazes, and so much more. Acrylic Mediums are so much fun to work with!

4. Finally, once our painting is completely dry, we use Varnish as our top coat that protects the painting from environmental impact, thus ensuring the longevity of our artwork.

Give it a try!

Quick overview of step-by-step work with Acrylic Paint and Mediums from Smart Art MaterialsUsage of all these supplies is going to bring your painting practice to the next level. Furthermore, it will help your artworks look much more professional.  Now, when you've learned about Acrylic Paints Supplies, your next step is to find out about Painting Tools!

Good luck experimenting, and in a meantime, I have an awesome breakdown of different acrylic pouring techniques for all levels created by the awesome team from - 14 Acrylic Painting Techniques Used by the Masters:



4 thoughts on “Acrylic Paint and Mediums – Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Gomer Magtibay says:

    Thank you Olga, this is a very useful article about Acrylic Paint Supplies! I love to do some arts, especially painting, but I am not a professional painter or artist, just my hobby. Aside from recommending Acrylic Paint Supplies, what else do you recommend in terms of learning how to improve my art skills. Do you recommend any book that I can buy?

    Thank you, and I will appreciate any response from you.

    • Olga says:

      Hi Gomer, thank you for stopping by! Aside from paint supplies, I would recommend you reading about painting tools. Next step – read some painting theory, like color theory and composition. I will be posting some book recommendations shorty, so stay tuned for the updates! 

  2. Mat A. says:

    Hi Olga,
    Great article on acrylic paints, appreciate you sharing your thoughts and experience. I earned my college degree in Fine Arts and acrylic painting was my favorite medium. In the last few years I’ve gotten back to some of my artistic roots and have picked up the paint brushes again. This is a great “refresher” course for me to remember some tips and tricks – great timing on my part. Keep up the good work!
    Mat A.

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