Artists Workspace: Essential Tools and Tips

Artist’s workspace is the special place where all the magic happens. It’s a place, where you feel good, and every little speck works for your inspiration. Make some room for art – literally and figuratively!

There is only one rule about artist’s workplace – there are no rules!!! 😀

You just make sure to make it as personalized and comfortable as possible!

Artist's workspace-smartFew personal recommendations:

  1. Have all your paints, brushes and other tools on hand. This way each time you want to paint, you don’t need to pull everything out, looking for necessary stuff. This is very important. Inspiration can be fleeting, don’t miss it, wasting time on preparations.
  2. Creative Chaos! Yes, make your own creative chaos if this is what you want! I’m not telling to make your space messy or dirty (which is actually just fine if this is how you feel), just don’t worry about any restrictions or how it looks to other. It’s only yours!
  3. Make your artist’s workspace helpful and inspiring. Surround yourself with things that help your creativity flow: inspiring pictures, color combinations, magazine clippings, color wheel and theory, the proportions of the human face and body…. it can be anything! Enrich your collection every time you see something you like and make your art space unique and rousing.


Essential tools for Artist’s Workspace organization

To organize your workspace and make it practical you will need some or all of the following tools and supplies:

  1. Artist's WorkspaceArtist Palette is a surface upon which you squeeze your paints and mix them. Palette could be made from different materials and is a necessary tool in you painting process unless you splash your paint directly onto the canvas.
  2. Easel is a very convenient tool for the ease of painting, can be used indoor and outdoors. There are about 10 different types of the easel, which vary greatly in price.
  3. Good source of light,  preferably portable, is necessary to help you clearly see all the colors and shades.
  4. Apron used to protect your clothes from paint stains.
  5. Water glass to clean your brushes while working with paints.
  6. Paper towel to take extra paint or water of your brush.
  7. Soap to clean your brushes when you are done working  – an important step to extend the excellent condition of brushes.

Have fun and let yourself be a dreamer 😉

Tell me, how does your workspace look? What makes you feel inspired? I would love to learn about it!



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