Canvas Paper for Acrylic Painting

Canvas paper smart2Another fine painting surface for acrylics is special Acrylic Paper, also known as Canvas Paper.

Canvas paper isn’t a fabric but a paper with a surface texture that simulates that of fabric canvas. It’s a great inexpensive solution for everyone. Acrylic papers come in different sizes, and also very handy for creating a collage

So what is the difference between regular paper and acrylic one?

What happens with the ordinary paper after we wet it? It will begin to deform during the drying process. The same thing will happen after the use of water-based paints.

canvas paper smartAcrylic paper is a heavy weight to prevent warping, have a textured surface to assure adhesion, and have sizing to prevent absorption. The medium must adhere to the surface, but not be absorbed into the substrate. If you use the high-quality archival paper you can create permanent artworks.

Depending on the techniques you’ll be using, it’s usually a good idea to prime the front and back of the paper with acrylic gesso which will help preserve your finished artwork for years to come.

Heavyweight paper that can be bought in sheets or pads that support all kinds of acrylic techniques. Always buy a thick paper. You can use it for practice works, instruction, studies, and sketches. If you care about the longevity of your painting, stretched canvas might be a more reliable option.

Where to buy?

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