Get the Inspiration for Painting Creation

Have you ever experience the lack of ideas? You know, when you want to draw or paint, trying to find a good color combination, or do some other creative work and simply don’t know where to start and what to do? Don’t worry, you are not alone, we all have been there time after time.  All you need is to get the Inspiration! The inspiration for painting, just like for anything else is all around us!

The best and the most unlimited source of ideas and inspiration for art is Nature. The laws of nature and its beauty are universal and understandable to everyone because they are embedded in us from birth.

Let’s talk no longer and get inspired by the beauty and perfection!


Flowers ♥


Flowers are some of the most colorful and beautiful creations of mother-nature! You can get countless ideas for the main plot of your painting, for backgrounds and patterns, for decorations, or even for the unique flawless color combination.


Sunrise and Sunset ♥


Have you ever watched the Sun coming up from the skyline, waking the whole world to start a new day, sending the darkness away… it’s almost like to be born again. Or maybe you prefer stunning colorful sunset, charming and romantic, welcoming the Moon, the Stars, and inscrutability of the Night. Nature uses incredible paints to color the sky. Perfect source of inspiration!


Gemstones ♥

Every single gemstone is unique, and at the same time, they are all so beautiful! Gemstones have been used by human in the home and for jewelry for thousands of years. Also, people often attributed magical properties to these stones. Looking at them, you can see the whole Universe! There are only a few of gemstones on the pictures below, but there are hundreds of different kinds and types!


Undersea World ♥


The source of life, deadly and beautiful… Undersea world has always been attractive and frightening at the same time because, despite the geographical proximity, the life of its inhabitants is so different from ours. Thanks to modern technology, we learn more and more about the oceans and seas, but the mystery remains. And perhaps it is this inscrutability enhances the admiration of the beauty of the underwater world.


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The beauty and inspiration are all around us, and sometimes all we need is to look around. In this article, I’ve only touched with the tips of my fingers the whole world of inspirational ideas bestowed by Nature, and I will keep searching and sharing with every one of you because there is nothing better than being able to let  your fantasy flow and Create!



3 thoughts on “Get the Inspiration for Painting Creation

  1. Kent says:

    Whenever I look at nature I think about this all the time. Must be a high consciousness that created these inspiring patterns, it doesn’t look random at all. Not religious but I believe in realities with higher vibrations. I agree with you there is beauty all around us in everything and it’s all about your angle of perception. Even in icy cold winter months where it seems dark and gloomy you can still see the beauty in that, the moonlight on the snow, the patterns in ice crystals, truly inspiring. good job with the article, Soby, keep on writing more.

    • Olga says:

      Thank you, Kent! I’m absolutely agree with you!

      Great idea about icy cold winter, just like any other time of the year. Inspiration is all around us! 🙂

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