Krylon Spray Varnish – My Spray Varnish Favourite

Krylon Spray Varnish - great UV Protection for your Artworks. Ensure the longevity of your painting ;) Smart Art Materials

Today, I want to tell you about Spray Varnish or Aerosol Varnish, and my personal favorite - Krylon Spray Varnish. 

I use it all the time, probably even more often than the regular varnish, like Liquitex. Why? The reason is that I love impasto technique. And when the painting is textured, it can be really hard to varnish it evenly. Varnishing can also be a problem when you work with pastels or watercolor, as you don't want to smudge all the beauty of the painting while varnishing it.

In these cases, Spray Varnish works like a charm. It covers everything evenly, it's easy to use and doesn't require any special skills. Besides, you don't need to use a brush. 

Krylon Spray Varnish

Krylon Spray Varnish - great UV Protection for your Artworks. Ensure the longevity of your painting ;) Smart Art MaterialsBrand: Krylon 
Size: 11 oz. (311 g) spray can
Finish: non-yellowing Gloss, Satin or Matte
Use for: 
Acrylic and Oil Painting (some go on Watercolor, Oil Pastels and Colored Pencils, always check the label)
Removable: UV Archival series is removable
Price: from $7.38 to $19.35
Cheapest Place to buy:
(rating is 4.4 on 115 reviews)

Krylon Spray Varnish is one of the best spray varnishes I've tried so far. It's affordable and super easy to use. I love how it brings out all the colors of the painting when dry. It provides advanced protection against UV rays, fading, dirt, moisture, and discoloration, and works on pretty much any type of painting. It's non-yellowing, flexible, and quick-drying varnish; crystal clear when applied. Also, UV Archival series can be easily removed with paint thinner or other mild solvents. Available in multiple sheen finishes.

Usage Recommendations: Apply when the painting is completely dry, normally within three to five days for acrylic paintings, and six to 12 months for oil paintings. I always apply couple coats of varnish (10-15 min in between each coat). To practice with aerosol varnish, you can spray it over some "unimportant" painting, or paper palette, if you use any. 
Warning: make sure to use spray varnish is the well-ventilated area and NEVER use aerosol around flame/fire.

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Let me know how you like working with this awesome product! Also, if you are looking to work with a traditional varnish that is applied with brush, I recommend you to review this article -  Liquitex Varnish. To get more information about varnish in general check out the Varnish For Painting - Types and Differences. 

Please, let me know if you have any question about the Krylon Spray Varnish specifications or usage details.  And have fun experimenting!



6 thoughts on “Krylon Spray Varnish – My Spray Varnish Favourite

  1. xiaozhugu says:

    Krylon spray paint is very good, spray paint is very uniform, the price is also very suitable, the big international brand, and dry fast, also can be selected color when you need, good reputation, very trustworthy. It can be used to spray the model (I spray the model motorcycle) and spray surface (such as ceramic cups, furniture, etc.). and art painting.
    However, it contains resin components and is not suitable for vinyl-coated fabrics. Besides, be a attention to the environment of painting, and it is easy to get dust and tiny fur.that’s all

    • Hi Xiaozhugu, thanks a lot for your feedback about this product! It seems like you know a lot about it 🙂 Since I’m only using it to cover my paintings, I didn’t know it’s so versatile and can be used for so many things! Thanks for letting me know! Also, great tip about vinyl-coated fabrics!

  2. Ganardineroporcjc says:

    Hello Olga,
    These all are the very good advices you give us regarding paint with spray varnish. The varnish can offer a protective layer in different materials. Like wood, works of art, canvas paper, acrylic paints, etc. One of the best advantages we have when applying the spray varnish, it leaves the surface very uniform and we do not have to use the brush. Excellent description of the product!

    • Olga says:

      Hi there,
      yes the layer of varnish so absolutely essential for so many different surfaces! I also love that I don’t need to use a brush with this one

  3. Hi Olga thank you so much for all of the information in your all of your articles. How many paintings would one can of varnish cover? Let’s say 12 x 12 canvases. Thanks for your time

    • Hi Linda, thank you for checking out my website!
      You know this is a very good question because I’ve never paid attention to how many paintings it lasts… I will definitely count in future. But for now, I would say 10 medium sized (from 12×12 to 16×20) canvases, but I always cover mine with 2-3 coats.

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