Liquitex Varnish – Great Protection for Your Artwork

Liquitex Varnish - Great Protection for Your Artwork. Review by Smart Art Materials

Today I want to tell you about Liquitex Varnish - multipurpose professional grade product that provides excellent protection and adds aesthetic appeal to any artwork. A varnish, in general, is an essential tool for anybody who cares about paintings longevity. To get more information about what varnish is, why do you need to use it and different types of it, check out this article, otherwise, let's go straight to the review!

Liquitex Professional Varnish

Liquitex Varnish

Brand: Liquitex
Size: 4 oz - 128 oz
Finish:  Gloss, High Gloss, Matte, Satin, Soluvar Gloss, and Soluvar Matte (soluvar is advanced varnish which contains UV light stabilizers and can be used on oil painting)
Use for: 
Acrylic and Oil paintings
Price: $11.69 - $78.72
Cheapest Place to buy:

This Liquitex Varnish is permanent and non-removable, it dries to a non-tacky, hard, flexible surface. Non-yellowing when dry, interminable with acrylic paints and mediums, and also can go over dried oil paintings. This varnish is available in multiple sizes and in an aerosol spray form. What else can I say? I personally really like it. It's a universal excellent quality product for a very reasonable price. I prefer the Gloss one, as I love how it enhances the colors of a painting. In addition, it's rating on speaks for itself - 4.5 (on 290 customers reviews).

Liquitex Basics Varnish

Liquitex Varnish Smart Art MaterialsBrand: Liquitex BASICS series
Size: 250 ml
Finish:  Gloss or Matte
Use for: 
Price: $8.99
Cheapest Place to buy:

Are you a beginner who wants to try it all and yet save a couple $$$? Liquitex Basics series has something to offer to you. Not only they have a great student grade acrylic paints, but also series of mediums including this Varnish. The quality of these products is lower compared to professional series, however, it's still excellent for student grade. I think this is a great opportunity for beginners, students, or just painting hobby enthusiast to try different cool things and to experiment without overspending. 

Is there more?

Yes, there is! Well, art involves endless opportunities, so do art materials! Here is another great product from Liquitex - Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish. It's a 2-in-1 multipurpose combination of a fluid medium and varnish which can be used either way. To get more information about it, check out this article.

You can't go wrong with Liquitex Varnish!

Liquitex Varnish - Great Protection for Your Artwork. Review by Smart Art MaterialsOverall, I can tell you one thing -  you just can't go wrong when you go with Liquitex! Please be advised, that I don't get paid by Liquitex for saying this. It's just my honest opinion because I use A LOT of their products. You can check my other reviews of the different products from this brand:

Lastly, if you don't feel comfortable varnishing with the brush as it takes some practice, or you really like working in impasto (textured) style, there is a great option for you - Spray Varnish! It works exactly as it sounds - you just spray the varnish over your painting. Sounds interesting? Check this article to get more information about this type of varnish.

Have fun experimenting, and please let me know if you have any question!



2 thoughts on “Liquitex Varnish – Great Protection for Your Artwork

  1. Michelle says:

    I know that varnishing is very important, and this stuff sounds really good. I’m not much of a painter right now, but I would like to get into painting in the near future so this is something to definitely keep in mind.
    Do you think I could use the spray varnish over Pastels to give it a nice sheen if I wanted?

    • Olga says:

      Hi Michelle, yes, varnishing is very important, and you can definitely apply spray varnish over pastels, moreover it’s highly recommended! Just be careful and always read the instruction.

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