Paint Palette Guide: Types and Differences.

artist's palette2Paint Palette, also known as Artist's Palette, in the original sense of the word is a rigid, flat, easy-to-clean surface on which a painter arranges and mixes paints. It's a  necessary tool in your painting process unless you splash your paint directly onto the canvas.

Seems like everything is clear here, but you'll be surprised, how many different types of the palette are there! 

To classify paint palette, we can use two criterions:

1. Position of the palette during the painting: tabletop palette or the one that you hold in your hand;
2. Materials palette is made from: Plastic, Glass, Paper, Wooden Palette.


1. The position of Palette during the painting                   

Tabletop Palette.
This palette is resting on the table or secured on the easel or any other working surface.              

Holding palette.
This palette is designed to be held in the artist's hand and rest on the arm, with the curved shape and hole for your thumb.  The holding palette comes in right- or left-handed shape.

There is no right or wrong way, which one to use depends on goals and personal preferences. I like tabletop palettes better because I like both of my hand to be free. also, my hand gets tired of holding. So I only use holding palette when I paint standing.

2. Types op Artist's Palette Materials:                               

Plastic Paint Palette  

Ppaint palette artist's palettelastic Paint Palette is a great option for many different mediums, including watercolor, oils, and acrylics. This palette is made from high-impact, durable thick, plastic. It's safe to use, easy to clean, and it comes in the variety of shapes and sizes. 

Plastic Palette for Acrylic Painting include the most useful and popular ones: Covered Palette, Sta-Wet Palette, Peel-off, Plastic Paint Tray, Clear Acrylic Plastic, and Plexiglass.

Glass Paint Palette  

Glass Artist's Palette is great to use with acrylic paints because it is nice and smooth, and the paint will wash off easily. It's intended to rest on a table surface rather than be held. Real Glass Palette is a handy and affordable option, however, it is also the most dangerous one. Which is why I highly recommend Safety Glass Palette, because it's made of glass with additional safety features. 

Disposable Paper Palette  

paint paletteDisposable palettes are sheets of smooth, heavy and white (or gray) paper.  It's meant for quick and easy clean-up, as you use one sheet at the time and throw it away when you are finished.

Disposable Palette Pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with or without thumb hole. 

Wooden Paint Palette  

artist's wooden-palette-smart-art-materialsOval Wooden Board Palette is the most commonly known and traditional type of artist's palettes. This one is good for oils, however, I do not recommend it for acrylics, because wood is very hard to clean off the acrylic paint. That is why I'm not going to talk too much about it. You can still give it a try if you find one covered with the durable protective layer, which cleans easily and lasts forever. 

In total....                                                                      

artist's color-1146861There are many options to choose from... However, I hope this artist's palette guide has helped you to get the idea of all the diversity. IMHO, safety glass and plastic palettes (peel-off or sta-wet) are the best for acrylic painting.

Tip: if you have no artist's palette around, but you really need something to mix paints on, make it up with whatever you might have on hand - plastic plates, magazines, even mirror.

Tell me, what is your favorite kind?