Painting Surface

Painting surface or “Support” is an art term for any surface on which you apply the paint. Sometimes you can also find a term substrates.

Working with acrylics is great because you have a wide range of surfaces to choose from. The most popular ones are canvas, paper, and wood, but you can also paint on degreased leather, brickwork, and more.

In some cases, acrylic painters using an oil technique prefer canvas as a painting surface, whilst those working in a watercolor style use the canvas paper.

CanvasPainting Surface canvas smart1

Stretched canvas is the most popular painting surface among artists. The weave of the cloth combined with the spring of the stretched material makes the cotton canvas a popular choice together. And it’s also quite affordable. Linen canvas, also popular with oil painters for its smooth, stiff surface, can also be used for acrylic painting.
Canvases vary not only by the material they made from but also by the quality and type: Stretched Canvas, Canvas Rolls, Canvas Panels, and Canvas Pads. Click here to find out which one suits your needs best.

PaperPainting Surface paper smart2

Acrylic painters enjoy using paper because of its texture and drag, and it is also very affordable. Acrylic Paper also known as Canvas Paper comes in a variety of sizes, sheets or pads, and is lightly embossed with a canvas texture. Paper can also be primed, using the brushwork for extra texture and stiffness. Click here to read more about Acrylic Paper